Automatic Overhead Type Barrel Electroplating Line Copper Parts Plating Machine For Nickel And Chrome Plating

It is suitable for special products of various sizes and shapes, and can be used for electroplating and cleaning treatment of film thickness, etc.

Barrel Plating,Automatic
Hardware parts/Auto part/Plumbing accessories etc
Max Plated Parts

Barrel Electroplating Line Features

1. When the volume of the plated parts is small and the batch is large, it is reasonable and economical to use the barrel plating method.
2. Barrel plating omits the procedure of loading and unloading hangers, saving man-hours.
3. Barrel plating can sometimes improve the quality of the coating. Due to the continuous rolling of the workpiece, compared with strong stirring, the bubbles on the surface of the coating can be detached early, preventing impurities from adhering, and making the coating bright.
4. Since no hanger is used, the appearance of hanger marks on the plated parts is avoided.


Automatic Overhead Type Barrel Electroplating Line Copper Parts Plating Machine For Nickel And Chrome Plating


Automatic Overhead Type Barrel Plating Line
No. Item Description
1 Plating Machine type Overhead Barrel type
2 Material of tank PP/PVC/PPN/PVDF/SUS304/SUS316, 
designed by different chemical solution or customers' requirements
3 Material of framework Square steel tube, carbon steel with epoxy painting, stainless stell
4 Size Customized
5 Leading time Differs from the sizes of line
7 Control system PLC,computer control for DMS system
8 Heating mode Electronic, steam, hot water
9 Mode of transporter Automatic ,semi-automatic ,Manual
10 Surrounding equipment Rectifiers, filters,pipe, air blower,waste gas treatment system etc.
11 Warranty 12 months
12 Advantages Flexible design,safe,stable and high strength, full automatic, 
environmental friendly and engergy saving, long lifetime, convenience to do the maintenance
13 Applications Hardware, relay, aerospace, automobile, precision instrument, plumbing accessories, bags, clocks, etc.
15 Installation Engineer or as customer required


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