Customized Circular Vertical Lifting Automatic Electroplating Machinery

The vertical lifting electroplating machine is mainly suitable for electroplating with large production capacity and single process.

Circular; Vertical Lifting
Zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, silver, tin, gold
automobiles, watches, lighting, bathroom, hardware
Max Plated Parts

Application of Electroplating Machinery Production Line

Industries such as electronics, automobiles, watches, lighting, bathroom, hardware, plastics, and circuit boards.

The design features of vertical lifting plating machine are as follows:

1) The rack is automatically switched between the loading and unloading and the suspension chain through the mechanical arm, which reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.

2) The pre-bending of the steel frame of the large and long tank body is designed and calculated to prevent bulging and deformation.

3) The plating line body is closed or the ceiling is sealed to improve the ventilation effect and prevent dust.

4) The automatic program-controlled switching and monitoring of the bridge board overflying improves the accuracy of the equipment.

5) The rotating head uses a sealed mercury cup to conduct electricity, and a single mercury cup can pass a maximum current of 2000 amperes.

6) The special design of the floating pressure conductive device can realize the uninterrupted function of electroplating.

Customized Circular Vertical Lifting Automatic Electroplating Machinery

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