Fully Automatic Side Arm Barrel Plating Production Line Galvanized Copper Plating Machine For Faucet Bolts And Nuts

It is mainly used in electroplating equipment such as brass plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, etc. in the hardware electroplating industry.

Side Arm Barrel Plating;Automatic
Faucet,Bolts And Nuts,Hardware
1-4 minutes/hang(Customization)
Max Plated Parts

Fully automatic side arm barrel plating production line


Electroplating machine includes:

German New Miller PP sheet, Japanese rectifier power supply system, high-precision acid and alkali resistant electroplating filter, tunnel drying furnace, fuel gas heating furnace, Industrial filtration and recovery of pure water machines, refrigerators, waste treatment, ventilation systems, etc.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for special products of various sizes and shapes, and can be used for electroplating and cleaning treatment of film thickness.

Feature description:

1. It can be switched between fully automatic and semi-automatic states, with scientific and reasonable design and high degree of automation;

2. Adopt automatic feeding and automatic conversion methods to reduce labor intensity;

3. Install an anti-collision device to reduce the harm to people during the operation of the machine and prevent people from being injured.

Main Parameters
Output cycle 1-4 minutes/hang (customized)
The largest plating piece 0.5m-1m
Working status 24 hours continuous production
Maximum hoisting weight 100kg/hanging
Lifting height 1m-3m

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