Maintenance Of Electroplating Production Line

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Maintenance Of Electroplating Production Line

1. Plating Tank body

The main difference between the horizontal electroplating line and the vertical lifting electroplating line is the different transportation methods of the products, so the maintenance and maintenance methods of the tank are basically the same.

Generally, each water washing tank is cleaned once every 7 days, and the acid tank needs to be cleaned once and the tank liquid is replaced;

If there is a sprinkler device installed in the tank, it is necessary to check whether there is any blockage, and if there is any blockage, clear it in time;

Clean the conductive seat and anode contact position on the plating tank, wipe it with a rag and polish it with sandpaper; inspect the titanium basket of the plating tank, and replace the damaged titanium basket bag in time.

Clean the plate protection bag once every 90 days, and filter and clean the bath liquid with activated carbon every 120 days to filter impurities in the bath liquid.

When the tank body is newly replaced with tank fluid, trial production of the current mode must be carried out, and production can be carried out after the performance is stable.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of horizontal plating line transmission device

The conveying device used in the horizontal electroplating line is parallel conveying, which uses parallel conveying to convey products to each tank.

Generally, the conveyor rod of the horizontal plating line is cleaned once every 7 days to clean the foreign matter adhered to it to ensure that the conductive rod is in good condition during conveyance; check the linkage to see if it is loose.

Inspect the running wheels every 180 days to see if there is any wear. If there is any wear, replace it in time to ensure that there will be no jamming during transportation;

Conduct an inspection on the transmission shaft and the entire transmission system device, and make timely repairs if any problems are found.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of the vibration mechanism of the vertical lifting electroplating line

The conveying device used in the vertical lifting electroplating line is lifting conveying, which uses the lifting conveying method to transport products to each tank.

In the vertical lifting electroplating line, in order to ensure the uniformity and effect of electroplating, a vibration and swing device will be designed, and there will be a vibration and swing mechanism on the tank body.

In about 30 days, check whether the reducer is operating normally and whether its tightness is good. Check the tightness of the vibration motor installation bolts and the wear of the vibration rubber. If the wear is serious, replace it in time.

Check the contact conditions of the power cords in the junction box about 180 days ago. Power cords whose insulation layer is melted or aged should be replaced in time to ensure the insulation between power cords; conduct an inspection of all bearings on the vibration mechanism. , apply grease, and replace seriously worn bearings in time.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of circulation filtering device

Check the filter cartridge of the circulating filtration device every 7 days to see if there is leakage in the filter cartridge.

The filter cotton core should be cleaned or replaced every 15 days or so.

The filter carbon core needs to be replaced in about 30 days to ensure the filtration quality and filter flow rate; clean the filter pump once and clean the filter hood and filter screen of the air pump.

Check the contact condition of the pump motor power cord connector in about 30 days. If there is any looseness or the wire is aging, deal with it in time to ensure good contact and safe insulation to protect the motor.

5. Maintenance and maintenance of peripheral equipment of electroplating production line

Check the output power of all power supplies within 7 days; check the power supply, electrically controlled cooling fan, and radiator, remove dust, and clean them to protect their cooling effect.

Inspect all electrical components in about 30 days:
Check all connectors. If there are any bad contacts, false connections or false soldering, they should be repaired in time. If there is any rust or damage, they should be replaced in time;
Check each contactor and relay. If there is poor contact or contact adhesion, replace it in time;
Check the main parameters of capacitors, reactors, resistors and other components. If any abnormalities occur, replace them as soon as possible.

For automatic feeding systems, check and calibrate once every 7 days. Clean the scale and dirt on the electric heater in about 7 days to prevent the internal temperature of the electric heater from being too high.

Clean the operating crane and hanging gear once a week (without disassembly). Use a rag to wipe and polish with sandpaper during cleaning.

Carry out an inspection on the hanger in about 30 days to check the damage of the hanger; conduct an inspection and maintenance on all driving motors to ensure normal operation.

Carry out an in-depth cleaning and maintenance of the driving vehicle and hangers every 180 days, and remove the hanging equipment from the driving vehicle for cleaning.

6. Pipeline care and maintenance

Inspect each water and gas pipeline system every 7 days to see if there is any leakage of air or liquid. Pipelines that have leakage of air or liquid must be repaired and replaced in a timely manner.

7. Maintenance before long-term shutdown

If the electroplating equipment is planned to be shut down for a long time, the equipment must be maintained once so that the equipment will not be corroded and aged during the long shutdown process.

The floor must be cleaned and kept dry, and the machine table, trough, traveling vehicle, and hanging equipment must be kept clean and dry;
All motors should be wrapped in plastic wrap for protection;
All bearings are injected with grease and treated with anti-rust treatment;
Clean all liquids in all pipelines;
Clean the liquid in the filter barrel of the filter;
Take out the filter element and clean it;
All heaters in the tank must be cleaned, dirt removed and kept dry.

Electroplating equipment production lines, due to different product processes and different frequency of use by manufacturers, will have certain differences in equipment, so there will be different differences in care and maintenance.

However, the equipment must be maintained in a timely and correct manner. You must not neglect the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment because of the production schedule and output.

Only by performing correct and timely maintenance can we ensure the normal operation and stable performance of the equipment, ensure the output and quality of production, and extend the service life of the equipment.

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