Pre-assembled Fully Automatic Copper Plating Production Line

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The fully automatic copper plating production line is being pre-assembled in an intense and orderly manner within our company.

 Copper Plating Production Line

 Copper Plating Machine

 Machine for Copper Plating

 Copper electroplating

Fully automatic gantry electroplating production line introduction

Gantry type or single-arm type precision barrel plating production line

The equipment is widely used in small hardware, microelectronics, aerospace and military industry, lighting and other industries. This type of plating production line can have fully automatic or semi-automatic conversion functions and is designed to be scientific, reasonable, compact, highly automated and reliable.


Plating company introduction

The company focuses on surface treatment intelligent environmental protection equipment and technical services, plating solutions, dust removal solutions, wastewater treatment. We provides customers with a complete set of surface treatment equipment and technical solutions,

The professional technical team designs and plans the surface treatment workshop and production line process flow for customers.

Some related plating industries include: automotive, aerospace, aviation, engineering hydraulics, tools, hygiene, electronic semiconductor parts, surface treatment of medical device components, etc.

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