What Are The Commonly Used Auxiliary Equipment On Electroplating Production Lines?

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An electroplating production line refers to a set of equipment used for electroplating metal surfaces.

It is mainly used to form an organic or inorganic protective layer on the metal surface to prevent corrosion, beautify and improve the corrosion resistance of metal.

plating line ancillary equipment

Auxiliary equipment refers to other equipment attached to the electroplating production line, which is used to assist the electroplating process and improve production efficiency.

The following are some ancillary equipment commonly used on electroplating production lines:

1. Pretreatment equipment

Pretreatment equipment is used to treat metal surfaces, clean, degrease, rust, etc. to ensure that the surface is clean and provide a good base surface for electroplating.

Pretreatment equipment includes cleaning tanks, pickling tanks, alkali washing tanks, degreasing tanks, etc.

2. Intermediate equipment

Intermediate equipment is used for intermediate treatment of metal surfaces, including impurity removal, grinding and other processes to remove surface impurities and improve the electroplating effect.

Intermediate equipment includes pre-plating treatment equipment, strengthening equipment, etc.

3. Electroplating equipment

Electroplating equipment is the core equipment of the electroplating production line and is used to perform the electroplating process.

Electroplating equipment includes electroplating tanks, power supplies, anodes, anode tanks, etc. Different electroplating processes require different electroplating equipment.

4. Electrolysis equipment

Electrolysis equipment is mainly used to recycle and process electroplating solutions to improve electroplating efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

Electrolysis equipment includes electrolyzers, filters, current sources, etc.

5. Sewage treatment equipment

A large amount of wastewater will be generated during the electroplating production process. Sewage treatment equipment is used to treat and discharge electroplating wastewater, which meets environmental protection requirements.

Sewage treatment equipment includes sedimentation tanks, plating filters, air flotation machines, etc.

6. Drying equipment

Drying equipment is used to dry electroplated products to remove surface moisture and ensure product quality.

Drying equipment includes ovens, hot air dryers, etc.

7. Liquid circulation equipment

Liquid circulation equipment is used to maintain the stability and circulation of the plating solution to ensure the stability and consistency of the plating process.

Liquid circulation equipment includes mixers, circulation pumps, etc.

8. Storage devices

Storage equipment is used to store plating solutions, chemicals, and other items to ensure they are safe and easily accessible.

Storage equipment includes storage tanks, storage tanks, storage cabinets, etc.

9. Testing equipment

Testing equipment is used for quality testing and control of electroplated products to ensure that the products meet the requirements.

Testing equipment includes thickness measuring instruments, calcium content detectors, resistivity meters, etc.

10. Environmental control equipment

Environmental control equipment is used to control the electroplating production environment, including temperature control, humidity control, etc.

The above are just some of the auxiliary equipment commonly used on electroplating production lines. With the development of technology and the improvement of electroplating processes, more ancillary equipment will be applied to electroplating production lines.

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