What Chemicals Are Used In Industrial Plating Cleaning?

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Metal surface cleaning technology before plating, that is, metal surface cleaning before plating, using chemical potion to clean parts.

Industrial Plating Metal Surface Cleaning Chemicals

Refers to the general term for metal cleaning chemicals used to clean oil, wax, rust, glue, paint, powder, carbon deposits, fingerprints, sweat stains, cutting fluids and other substances on the surface of metal materials;

According to the nature of the product, it can be divided into solvent-based cleaning chemicals and water-based cleaning chemicals, where in water-based cleaner is divided into acid cleaner, alkaline cleaner and neutral cleaner.

Industry Plating Metal Surface Cleaning

Industrial Plating Solvent-based Cleaning Chemicals

Commonly used as solvent-based cleaning chemicals are: kerosene, diesel, gasoline, trichloroethylene, chloroform, white electric oil, alcohol, hydrocarbon cleaner,

Carbonated hydrogen, white electric oil substitutes, n-hexane substitutes, gun water substitutes, trichlorethylene substitutes, etc.

Solvent-based cleaning chemicals have the characteristics of good cleaning effect, but their fast volatility often causes problems, such as endangering the health of workers and being flammable.

Industrial Plating Water-based Cleaning Chemicals

The water-based cleaning chemicals is a cleaning cleaner whose main component is water-soluble or dispersed in water. It can be diluted with water for use. It is stable after dilution and has a good use effect.

(a) Acid Cleaning Cleaner

Industrial plating acidic cleaners are cleaners with a pH lower than 7. Acid cleaners have the effect of quickly removing surface oxide scales, so they are mainly used to remove surface rust.

Aluminum alloy acid degreaser, the main components are organic acid, surfactant, corrosion inhibitor and water.

It can remove oil stains and rust on the surface of aluminum materials, and can be used for spraying, soaking, and ultrasonic cleaning.

(b) Alkaline Cleaning Cleaner

Industrial plating alkaline metal surface cleaner refers to a cleaning chemical with a pH value greater than 7. Most water-based cleaners are alkaline cleaners. Its main components are alkaline substances (inorganic bases, organic bases), surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and water.

Whether it is an acidic cleaner or an alkaline cleaner, the biggest problem with its configuration is the dissolution of surfactants. Many non-ionic surfactants cannot be dissolved in high-concentration acids or alkalis.

Therefore, this becomes a difficult point in the cleaning chemical development process.

Industrial plating cleaning chemicals with different alkalinity, the sodium hydroxide content can reach up to 30%, and the selected surfactant can still be dissolved, which has a good cleaner effect and is suitable for spraying, soaking, and ultrasonic cleaning.

(c) Neutral Detergent

Industrial plating neutral metal surface cleaner refers to a cleaning chemicals with a pH value of about 7. Its composition is generally surface active compounded with some cleaning aids and corrosion inhibitors to achieve the cleaning effect.

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