What Factors Affect Electroplating?

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What factors will affect the quality of electroplating in the electroplating production?

In electroplating production, 95% of abnormalities are caused by human factors, which can be summed up as poor management, incomplete system, weak supervision, unreasonable process, low quality of employees, improper operation, and quality process.

electroplating production

Technology management is the core and guarantee of the production of electroplating enterprises. How to establish and improve the technology management system, strengthen process control, and prevent problems before they happen.

1. Improper operation

Improper operation has two aspects: one is incorrect operation action, and the other is unreasonable parameter setting during operation.

How to avoid the influence of human factors? The vast majority of electroplating production companies do not have standardized and operable "Standard Operation Instructions", let alone a unified staff training course.

Rightedge Industrial Equipment Factory think that the operation and job training of employees must be carried out in accordance with the "Standard Operation Instructions" and "Job Training Course" for employees to carry out operation and job training, so that employees know what is happening and why.

At the same time, in terms of parameter setting, it is even more necessary to formulate "Process Flow, Process Specifications, and Process Parameters". On this basis, standardize the process flow, process specifications, and process parameters to ensure the continuation of employee operations, training, and technical management.

2. Influence of process parameters and bath composition

In an electroplating production line, dozens of parameters are controlled, and each parameter is constantly changing. More advanced production processes, instruments, instruments and equipment often break down, resulting in monitoring failures and abnormal quality.

To avoid these factors, monitor the parameters every 2 hours and adjust them to standard values in time to prevent such abnormalities from happening.

For component control and data processing, according to the component control principle, determine the detection cycle, regular analysis and adjustment, in order to ensure the stability of the component.

In terms of the composition control of the plating solution, for the nickel plating solution, the principle is to control the change of the composition within the range of ±5% to determine the frequency of analysis of the composition of the plating solution to ensure the stability of the composition of the plating solution.

In addition, the relative content of the components of the plating solution must be controlled to ensure the mutual balance between the components.

Only when the concentration of all components in the plating solution and the ratio between components reach the optimum range, can the best coating quality be obtained.

In the electroplating production, the consumption of brightener is usually divided into three parts:

One is to co-deposit with the coating to improve the performance of the coating, accounting for about 40%;

The other is to decompose and consume the brightener such as hydrogenation, reduction, and hydrogenolysis to form organic impurities , accounting for about 30%;

The third is the take-out loss when the workpiece is out of the groove, accounting for about 30%.

The timely adjustment of the content of the brightener in the plating solution is the basic guarantee for stabilizing the quality of electroplating products.

3. Maintenance of plating tank liquid

In the production of electroplating, due to the corrosion of workpieces, the dissolution of anodes, the impurity of chemical materials, the introduction of workpieces, and external dust, metal cation impurities accumulate.

Disorder and decomposition of organic light agents, oil stains on workpieces, and uncleaned workpieces, etc., causing pollution by organic impurities

The dissolution status of the anode, the electrical conductivity of the pole, the pollution of the filter element of the filter, the calibration and maintenance of the equipment, the quality of the cleaning water, and the performance of each chemical bath will all cause abnormal quality.

In the on-site management work, how to carry out maintenance according to the "Bath Solution Maintenance Plan Schedule" to ensure the stability of the bath solution performance, eliminate abnormalities in the bud, and prevent the occurrence of abnormalities.

This is the focus of the work of electroplating engineering technicians and production management personnel. Only by carrying out prevention and management in a planned way can the stable quality and smooth production be guaranteed.


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