Fully Automatic Vertical Lifting Annular Electroplating Production Line

Machine suitable for the mass plating of a large number of small and medium-sized workpieces.

Vertical lifting annular; rack
Nickel, chromium, bronze, silver, zinc plating
Hardware; Automotive industry
According to plating products
Max Plated Parts
Bbelow 80kg

Features of Annular Plating Production Line(Single Cathode)

(1)The vertical annular plating line has high efficiency, large output and easy maintenance;

(2)It adopts human-machine interface touch screen controller and PLC remote control, with high degree of automation and stable and reliable operation;

(3)Tempo control adjustable;

(4)The plating equipment is widely used in hardware, auto parts and other industries;

(5)The electroplating type and electroplating time can be changed at any time; the electroplating time and driving speed are adjustable, and there are automatic and manual interchangeable controls;

(6)The main engine of this plating production line adopts a motor with brakes, so it has a balanced walking, reliable braking, and less shaking. Both translation and lifting are driven by chains, and the positioning is accurate. It is equipped with an offside protection device;

(7)Computer control is adopted, and the technological process and procedures are produced according to the requirements of customers;

(8)The plating production line can adopt double-cathode electroplating, which is suitable for the electroplating of different shapes and sizes, and frequently changing products, and is suitable for the plating of a large number of small and medium-sized parts;

(9)The vertical lifting electroplating production line is divided into single cathode and double cathode.

Fully Automatic Vertical Lifting Annular Electroplating Production Line

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