How to choose the correct electroplating equipment type?

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The selection of electroplating equipment is of key significance to ensuring the quality of electroplated products and improving production efficiency.

This article introduces in detail the circular automatic electroplating line, the program-controlled gantry electroplating line and the barrel plating automatic production line. And plating machine accessory such as rectifiers, filters, heat exchangers, ultrasonic cleaning machines and automatic additive adding machinesplating tank and so on.

How to choose the correct electroplating equipment type?

Advantages of circular rack automatic plating line

1. High degree of automation, high efficiency, reduced labor intensity and fewer operators;

2. Lever type vertical lifting, high utilization rate of plating tank capacity;

3. The exposure time is short, the workpiece runs smoothly, and the time of each arm is about 20 to 100 seconds;

4. It is suitable for electroplating light mechanical ring-shaped electroplating production lines (commonly known as hanging fish type) with high coating quality requirements, large batches, single shapes and mature processes. It is very marketable because of its low price, light weight, easy maintenance and high output.

Program-controllable gantry electroplating line

1. High degree of automation, high efficiency, reduced labor intensity and fewer operators;

2. It is suitable for the electroplating of heavier parts and large objects, and it is also suitable for the electroplating of parts of different shapes and different batches;

3. It is easy to change the driving working conditions, and the plating time is flexible to control. It is suitable for plating of various production processes;

4. The electroplating quality is excellent and stable. It is suitable for processes that require thicker coatings.

Barrel plating automatic line

Barrel plating automatic lines also include two categories: circular mechanical or hydraulic automatic lines and linear gantry automatic lines.

The ring-shaped mechanical type is suitable for tilted automatic loading and unloading of bell-shaped drum high-speed electroplating equipment (plates, wires) and selective electroplating equipment.

With the development of the economy and the progress of electronic electroplating, the demand for high-speed electroplating production automatic lines and selective electroplating production lines has increased. Most are undertaken by companies with greater technology and manufacturing capabilities.

Plating machine accessory for electroplating production line

1. Electroplating power supply

Electroplating power supply is the most important auxiliary equipment in the electroplating production process. Silicon rectifiers and thyristor rectifiers are widely used in China, which are divided into voltage regulators, magnetic saturation reactors and thyristors.

Silicon rectifiers for electroplating and silicon controlled rectifiers are both low voltage and high current, generally 12V (18V is used for chromium plating). There are silicon rectifiers with silicon controlled voltage regulation for currents from 100A to 20000A.
Only when the load is high, electroplating power supplies with good flow, stable voltage, and stable current density are also being promoted and applied.

2. Electroplating solution filtration equipment

The filter is one of the key equipment related to the quality of electroplating products. Both filter elements and filter cloth can be produced. When choosing, pay attention to the "real" filtration accuracy.

There are still some problems with the production of filters

(1) The specifications and high reliability of filter machines used for chromium plating and electroless nickel plating need to be studied. Special plastics such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and related parts must be introduced. Chrome-plated filters cannot be made from polypropylene plastic.

(2) High-quality magnetic pumps need to be developed.

(3) The filtration accuracy currently provided by the factory needs to be confirmed by scientific means. Special filter cloth, filter bags and filter paper are yet to be produced.

(4) The shaft seal material of the centrifugal filter needs to be improved, and the problems of wear resistance and leakage prevention should be solved.

(5) The electroplating process is changing with each passing day, and auxiliary equipment must also keep up, such as a special chemical degreasing filter for pre-treatment, which can not only separate floating oil on the liquid surface, but also adsorb suspended oil beads. It will greatly improve the quality of electroplated products and improve the quality of phosphating films.

3. Application of ultrasonic equipment

The cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves can greatly speed up degreasing and rust removal in pre-treatment, shorten processing time, and improve degreasing and rust removal effects.

4. Heating and cooling equipment

Traditional electroplating heating methods mostly use steam or electric heating. Refrigeration units are commonly used in summer to ensure that acid bright copper and bright tin plating work at standard operating temperatures.

5. Electroplating solution automatic management system

The automatic solution management system is a detection and control device for solution components and process parameters.

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